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IMPORTEX is an manufacture-trading company with well-grown net of work units—services.

In our fulfillment of obligations dealing with hydraulics, the firm is relied on Manuli Rubber Industries. As the result of successful and correct perennial work, the firm reached the status of Manuli PREMIER DISTRIBUTOR for Serbia and Montenegro market. Through its zealous work, the firm developed excellent relationships which contributed impartation status of distributor for SCG market with following companies:

Uniflex Hydraulik GmbH — Germany for machines for the manufacture of hose assemblies;

Besides these companies, IMPORTEX has opened business links with other companies, all in aim to accomplish an customer claims about hydraulics and pneumatics.

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Importex has TÜV certification for manufacturing, service and distribution:

  • hydraulic hoses
  • connectors and bushings
  • termination hoses press
  • pneumatic hoses and fittings
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What we are particularly proud is the uncompromising quality. The entire program is based on ISO standards. Look at some numbers that you are proud of:

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Distribution network

IMPORTEX is a manufacturing and trading company with an extensive network of working units - services in Serbia.